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2. To provide more opportunities for young people to deepen and broaden their musical interests and skills

Having captured their imaginations in the early years, it is vital that young people are able to build on their previous achievements and to access the support they need to broaden and deepen their interests and skills.

For this to happen, the right 'pathways for progression' must be in place - and clearly signposted. The pathways must be multiple and flexible, accessible to all and take in a diverse range of musical styles. They must cover the full spectrum of involvement; from joining choirs and ensembles to attending live performances and gigs, and, for some, taking up music qualifications and building towards careers in composition, performance, teaching and music production. We see the following as priorities for broadening young people's musical interest and skills:

  • We will promote effective curriculum delivery for music throughout secondary schools, building on what is being developed in Key Stages 1 and 2 and including the flexible use of time, space and teaching methods
  • We will capitalise on the potential of Further and Higher Education Institutions, and of the more than 200 Specialist Schools in Performing Arts and Music, to act as future centres of excellence in music education
  • We will identify new opportunities for young people to create, record and promote their own music, complemented by effective copyright education and support for live performance
  • We will exploit the power of new technology and broadcast media to bring music and music-making into even more schools, community settings and homes
  • We will identify peer and adult role models for young musicians and continue to build stronger connections between young people's own music-making and that experienced in schools
  • We will think creatively about ways young people can access the space, time, guidance and equipment they need to fulfil their potential - including making the best use of local authority spaces, recording spaces, extended schools, community centres and commercial performance venues
  • We will signpost young people who want to develop their involvement in music towards the opportunities available through school, youth arts organisations, the music industry and others; and advise them about potential career paths in music
  • We will ensure that all young people have access to a range of appropriate accreditation and recognition schemes in music and the arts, from grade exams through to the new national arts award.

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