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3. To identify and nurture our most talented young musicians

We want all young people to develop a music habit they will sustain throughout their lives.

For some, however, music will be more than a hobby, it will be a career. We need to ensure that our most talented young musicians are given all the support and tuition they need to fulfil their potential.

Over the next five years an extension of the Music and Dance Scheme programme will provide opportunities for greater numbers of talented young musicians to prepare for a career in music.

This extension will be supported by a new national scholarship award for the exceptionally talented in music. The Department for Education and Skills and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport will continue to support the National Youth Music Organisations.

Building on this work we believe the following to be priorities:

  • We will work together to ensure that all young musicians who wish to pursue their music-making as a career have access to high level tuition and appropriate regional and national opportunities to develop their talent
  • We will explore the potential for developing meaningful apprenticeships with professional music organisations and industry bodies
  • We will forge stronger links between Conservatoires, other Higher and Further Education Institutions specialising in music, schools and the music industry to ensure that young musicians are equipped with the skills they need to prosper in the world of work

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