Current signatories: 2003

Estelle Morris

It's about everyone with a love of music coming together to create the soundtrack to young people's lives.

Estelle Morris, Former Arts Minister

David Lammy

David Lammy

Music has the power to excite and enrich all of our lives.  It is vital that we give all young people the chance to experience this magic first hand.  The Music Manifesto is committed to making this happen.  Hundreds of signatories have come together from the worlds of education, culture, industry and government to share in the common vision: Whether it is singing in a gospel choir, playing in a school orchestra or DJ-ing at a local arts centre, the Music Manifesto is committed to improving musical experiences for all young people.

David Lammy, Minister for Culture, Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Lord Andrew Adonis

Lord Andrew Adonis
In this country, we have some of the most musical and creatively dynamic young people in the world – they are the foundation of our internationally recognised creative economy and music industry.

I am committed to supporting opportunities for all young people to realise their creative potential through music and the arts, whatever their background and wherever they live.  In signing up to the Music Manifesto, we have all made a commitment to working together on the design and delivery of the music education of the future

Lord Andrew Adonis, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, DfES

EMI Music UK & Ireland

EMI Music UK & Ireland
The Music Manifesto is all about partnership. Only by all interested parties working together will we be able to give many more young people the chance to get involved in music.

Tony Wadsworth, Chairman and CEO, EMI Music UK & Ireland

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