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At 7pm on July 7th 2007, 7 musicians from Somerset who were under 17 on the 7th of January 2007 will play 7 new contemporary self penned pieces of music. The work will be ‘illustrated’ by 7 dancers and artists.

A&C Black

We promise to continue publishing really good educational music for children.

Academy of Contemporary Music

ACM opens its new £2million ‘Global House’ complex during September 2004.

Dedicated to bringing music education and industry into the same working environment, the project will support the Manifesto through key aims 2, 3, 4, 5. This additional centre will provide ACM’s 750 artists with world class facilities specifically designed to inspire creativity including:

  • Artist Networking Zone
  • PRSF Acoustic Lounge
  • Creativity Centre
  • PRSF Songwriting Suite
  • Business Developing Centre
  • Audition Lounge

Artist management, publishing, production and label services will also be run from Global House as part of the Global Music Services group, providing musicians with opportunity for commercial development across the music industry sector.

Accrington & Rossendale New Performing Arts Centre

New courses in full-time music and a new community part-time provision

Active Training and Education Superweeks

Superweeks are residential summer camps which take place in country mansions, activity centres and a castle at a variety of locations around the UK. They are staffed by trained volunteers.

Albert Hall Concert

Visit to The Royal Philharmonic Orcheatra Concert at the Albert Hall on 1st November 2006

Amington Youth Band

To encourage young Brass Players to extend their involvement outside of their School lessons


A simple, easy to navigate website specialising in offering quality baby and young children's percussion instruments was created, targeting parents, carers and educators living and working with children from 3mths+. There are no minimum orders or high prices, thus opening up the market to those wishing to spend as little as £1.99. Bulk orders are also discounted. These colourful and robust instruments are all tune, and together with attractive packaging and at affordable prices it is hoped that more parents will turn to buying musical gifts for their babies and young children. The ongoing success is dependent on word of mouth and consistant affordable prices.

The musiculum allows teachers to customise CDs and choose a variety of songs to suit their program. The songs are grouped under subject headings and graded for difficulty. They harness the power of rhythm, rhyme and melody to carry information deep into the memory. Songs range from the challenging (Macbeth/Odysseus), the surreal (Ob Snaosaig - an OS map poem using only place-names), the spiritual (Be Kind To Yourself), the silly (Never shake a shaker at a shaking sheikh), the simple (to and fro) to the mainstream (winter etc). Songs that aren't available in the musiculum are ordered in the balladarium and then become available to everyone in the library.


Through targeted sponsorship the Arkade is supporting live music events that provide experience for young musicians.

What's so great about music? #5

Writer and musician Andrew Peggie meets a prodigious 16-year-old percussionist for whom the music never stops.

Do you believe in cultural democracy?

Could cultural inclusion be the key to social inclusion? Music therapist Dr Gary Ansdell thinks so...

    • MusicLeader West Midlands DNA sessions
    • Devon Schools Music Festival
    • Teaching Music Effectively (TME)
    • Grand Union Orchestra
    • Yamaha Education Friends